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Product Development 
We believe that our technology platform is essential to successfully implement our strategy of expanding and enhancing our services, 
expanding in the wireless and Internet software and application services market and maintaining the attractiveness and competitiveness of our 
solutions. We have invested significant time and resources in creating our patented and patent pending technology. Product development 
expenses were $39.3 million for the year ended December 31, 2001, $40.6 million for the year ended December 31, 2000 and $15.6 million for 
the year ended December 31, 1999.  
Intellectual Property 
Our success depends significantly upon our technology. To protect our rights, we rely on a combination of copyright and trademark laws, 
patents, trade secrets, confidentiality agreements with employees and third parties and protective contractual provisions. Most of our employees 
have executed confidentiality and nonuse agreements that transfer any rights they may have in copyrightable works or patentable technologies 
to us. In addition, prior to entering into discussions with potential content providers and customers regarding our business and technologies, we 
generally require that such parties enter into nondisclosure agreements with us. If these discussions result in a license or other business 
relationship, we also generally require that the agreement setting forth the parties' respective rights and obligations include provisions for the 
protection of our intellectual property rights. For example, the standard language in our agreement provides that we retain ownership of all 
patents and copyrights in our technology and requires our customers to display our copyright and trademark notices.  
 InfoSpace,  the InfoSpace logo,  Go2Net,   Authorize.Net,  the Dogpile logo,  ActiveShopper,   100Hot,   Web21,   Haggle Online,  
 HyperMart,   MetaCrawler,   MetaSpy,   MyAgent,   Silicon Investor,   FraudScreen.Net,  the Get Rewarded logo,  
and  WebMarket  are registered trademarks of ours. We recently purchased the following registered trademarks from At Home Corporation: 
 Classifieds2000,   Cool Notify,   Excite,   Excite Classifieds,   Excite Search,   Jango,   Webcrawler,  and  Webcrawler Direct.  Other 
recently acquired registered trademarks include,  acquired with other assets from GiantBear, Inc., and  E Cash,   Digicash,  
 E Vote,    Kidcash,   Net Cash  and  Net Pay,  acquired as part of our purchase of substantially all assets of eCash Technologies, Inc. In 
addition, we have applied for federal registration of other marks, including  ActivePromotion,   Dogpile,   IntelliShopper  and  Playsite,  the 
Go2Net logo,  Discover What You Can Do,   Airpay,  and  SMS Direct.  From the GiantBear, Inc. asset purchase, we acquired the federal 
applications for  Audiocub,   Bearcub,   Beartracks,   Business Bear  and  Giant Bear.  From the At Home Corporation asset purchase, we 
acquired the federal application for  Excite Precision Search.  We also have applied for registration of certain service marks and trademarks in 
the United States and in other countries, and will seek to register additional marks, as appropriate. We may not be successful in obtaining the 
service marks and trademarks for which we have applied.  
We have been issued six U.S. patents, and recently acquired twenty more in connection with the eCash asset purchase in February 2002. 
Our issued patents cover private label commerce solutions; tracking the purchase of products, services and information on the Internet and on 
wireless devices; and electronic transaction technologies. We also have several foreign patents and patents pending covering some of these 
technologies. We also have over forty nine U.S. patent applications pending relating to various aspects of our technology, including technology 
we have developed for querying and developing databases, for developing and constructing Web pages, electronic commerce on line directory 
services and Web scraping. We have received a notice of allowance for one of these patent applications. From the GiantBear asset purchase, we 
acquired three pending U.S. patents relating to wireless technology and through the eCash asset purchase, we acquired one pending patent 
related to electronic transaction technology. We are preparing additional patent applications on other features of our technology. We have 
instituted a formal patent program and anticipate on going patent application activity in the future. Patents with respect to our technology may 
not be granted, and, if granted, patents may be challenged or invalidated. In addition, issued patents may not provide us with any competitive 
advantages and may be challenged by third parties.  

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