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We expect to generate revenues from projects by charging for both time and materials, as well as under agreements with specific 
contractual terms. These revenues will be recognized as the services are rendered.  
In 2001, we generated 56% of our revenues from our wireline business area. We expect to generate 40 to 45% of our revenues from our 
wireline and broadband business area in 2002. Our reliance on these revenues involves a number of risks. For additional information about 
these risks, see  Risk Factors We have historically been, and currently remain, reliant upon revenues from our wireline services. Our 
operating results would be harmed by a decline in sales of our wireline services or our failure to collect fees for these services.   
Technology and Infrastructure 
We believe that one of our principal strengths is our internally developed technology that we have designed specifically for our products 
and application services. Our technology architecture features specially adapted capabilities to enhance performance, reliability and scalability, 
consisting of multiple software modules that support the core functions of our operations. Our technology consists of three tiers: Tier I 
Presentation and Authentication, Tier II Platforms and Applications and Tier III Core Technology. Below is a brief description of the 
functionality and purpose of each tier.  
Tier I: Presentation and Authentication 
Requests for our products and application services are generated from wireless, non PC and PC devices. Requests that require 
authentication are routed to our user manager subsystem that authenticates the user and makes that user's profile of authorized capabilities 
available to the rest of our applicants and services.  
The presentation technology allows our products and services to be displayed on different devices each with their own protocols and 
formats without making changes to the underlying application. With our presentation technology, we have a device , protocol , and transport 
independent platform. We support SMS, WAP, cHTML, VoiceXML (speech) and a variety of other protocols that may be proprietary to 
different devices, enabling our end users to access the same personalization and services across a variety of devices. The platform directly 
supports co brand ability permitting easy changes to the look and structure of a site. Our wireless Internet services provide a platform which 
enables carriers to support a variety of protocols such as WAP, PQAs for Palm VII and VoiceXML, in addition to HDML, SMTP and SMS.  
Tier II: Platforms and Applications 
Our platforms and applications build upon the core technology and support the core functions of our operations.  
The components include alerts services, speech, location/geo centric platform, short message service (SMS) platform, user manager, 
content management and wireless access management.  
Our application services include search, directory, broadband, payments, merchant promotions, hosting, shopping and a platform of 
wireless data services such as user manager, wireless access manager, SMS and speech among others. Most applications support HTTP/XML 
based programmatic interfaces to ease integration with partners and evolve into complete Web services.  
Tier III: Core Technology 
Web Server Technology 
We designed our Web Server Technology to enable rapid development and deployment of information over multiple delivery mechanisms 
and output formats. It incorporates an automated publishing engine that  

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