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Voice Activated Dialing. 
    The easiest way to get in touch with contacts from an address book. Voice Activated Dialing can be used 
with any type of phone. 
Customization and Personalization  
Our customization and personalization tools give wireless carriers direct control over the wireless 
services they offer. These tools also give subscribers the flexibility to personalize their services, making them more valuable to the subscribers 
and easier to use.  
User Manager 
.    Our User Manager incorporates a core set of standards based technologies to combine subscription management, 
provisioning, personalization services, device services, loyalty and payment services in an economical, flexible and seamless wireless 
customer personalization and integrated provisioning solution. 
Wireless Application Manager. 
    Our Wireless Application Manager delivers end user customization and wireless carrier control of 
decks, or the list of application services on the screen, content links and production releases. 
We support SMS, WAP, cHTML, VoiceXML (speech) and a variety of other protocols that may be proprietary to different devices, 
enabling our end users to access the same personalization and services across a variety of devices. Our wireless Internet services enable carriers 
to support a variety of protocols such as WAP, PQAs for Palm VII and VoiceXML, in addition to HDML, SMTP and SMS. Our services are 
compatible with a variety of wireless gateway technologies including Nokia, OpenWave, CMG and Ericsson.  
We generate revenue in our wireless business area from development and integration fees, subscription fees and licensing fees. License 
fee revenue is recognized ratably over the term of the agreement. Licensing fees may include a minimum number of users or usages by users. 
In those cases that do not have minimums or when the minimums are exceeded, we receive per subscriber or per message fees that are 
generated either on a monthly or quarterly basis.  
International Operations 
We currently maintain facilities in the United States, Canada, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Australia and Brazil.  
We have also entered into an agreement to expand our services into Mexico and are currently investigating additional international 
opportunities. The expansion into international markets involves a number of risks. See  Risk Factors Our expansion into international 
markets may not be successful and may expose us to risks that could harm our business  for a description of these risks.  
We have historically generated the majority of revenues from our customers in the United States. Revenue generated in the United States 
accounted for 91% of our total revenues in 2001 and 2000 and 99% of our total revenues in 1999.  
For further information about our business areas, see Note 11 to the consolidated financial statements.  
Revenue Sources 
We have derived all of our revenues from our wireline and broadband, merchant and wireless business areas. We generate revenues from 
payment transaction fees, licensing fees, subscription fees, advertising and development and integration fees.  
Payment Transaction Fees 
Payment transactions include our shopping and payment authorization services. In payment authorization we earn revenue from our 
merchants through set up fees and monthly subscription fees, which may include a  

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