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Through our wireless business area, we develop, deliver and support solutions enabling our carrier customers to deliver wireless data 
services to their subscribers under their own brand over current and next generation networks. With our wireless platform, carriers can 
effectively manage and seamlessly deliver InfoSpace's private  labeled applications and services, third party services and their own content and 
applications, to create a unique mobile data experience for their subscribers.  
InfoSpace provides its wireless solutions to leading companies worldwide, including wireless carriers such as Verizon Wireless, Cingular 
Wireless, AT&T Wireless, ALLTEL, Virgin Mobile and Deutsche Telekom's VoiceStream; and consumer services companies such as Charles 
Schwab. InfoSpace's wireless solutions include:  
Content Applications and Services 
We offer an array of content application and services that bring personalized and timely information 
and entertainment services across many devices. These products include:  
Content applications 
including news, finance, weather, sports and entertainment applications, among others. 
Content services 
such as InfoSpace's Alerts Service, including speech enabled SMS (short message service) alerts, speech information 
services, 2 way SMS services and our downloadable content service. Our applications offer multiple delivery options for content 
distribution on any device in various data modes. Our content can be pushed or pulled as text messages over SMS to handsets and 
pagers, as WML or HDML decks on wireless internet enabled phones, as HTML or cHTML pages on desktops and PDAs, or as 
VoiceXML for speech delivery. Our SMS delivery platform supports SMTP and a variety of direct messaging protocols such as SMPP 
and CIMD as well as a variety of downloadable content formats such as Nokia Smart Messaging and EMS (enhanced messaging 
service). For example: 
We have deployed wireless alerts service applications in four different languages delivering content and messaging notifications 
to the subscribers of Verizon Wireless, Cingular Wireless, VoiceStream Wireless, ALLTEL, Cincinnati Bell, Vodafone, Virgin 
Mobile, KPN, Libertel, Dutchtone, BEN, Telfort, diAx, Telemig, ATL, Amazonia and Telet. 
We have deployed two way SMS service applications in four different languages delivering content on demand to the subscribers 
of Vodafone, Iusacell, One2One, KPN, Libertel, Dutchtone, BEN, Telfort and Microcell. 
Content Provisioning. 
    We provide our customers a wide selection of provisioning options. Our solutions allow users to access, 
personalize and schedule information services via multiple interfaces including Web, WAP, speech and one way and mobile 
originated SMS. 
Our messaging products are designed to help carriers attract and retain subscribers and drive mobile data use by providing a 
unified environment with a single interface where their subscribers can access and manage their voice and data communications from multiple 
.     Our email solution leverages both the wireless and wired Internet, and the interplay between devices and communications 
modes. Whether a subscriber is solely active on their wireless device or mixed use with their PC, has several existing email accounts 
or needs a new email account, our solution is designed to meet their needs. 
Personal Information Manager. 
    Designed to meet the needs of both consumers and business professionals, our personal information 
manager (PIM) solutions leverage both the wireless and wired Internet, and the interplay between devices and communications modes. 
By providing a server based solution suite hosted by InfoSpace, a customer's data is securely stored, and is accessible from virtually 
anywhere, using a wide variety of Internet connected device. Users can upgrade handsets, change or alternate devices without any loss 
of information. 

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