m_result * result ;
The number of fields returned by a query can be ascertained by calling
msqlNumFields() and passing it the result handle. The value returned
by msqlNumFields() indicates the number of elements in the data
vector returned by msqlFetchRow(). It is wise to check the number of fields
returned before, as with all arrays, accessing an element that is
beyond the end of the data vector can result in a segmentation fault.
int msqlClose ( sock )
int sock ;
The connection to the mSQL engine can be closed using msqlClose().
The function must be called with the connection socket returned by
msqlConnect() when the initial connection was made.
Schema Related Functions
m_result * msqlListDBs ( sock )
int sock ;
A list of the databases known to the mSQL engine can be obtained via
the msqlListDBs() function. A result handle is returned to the calling
program that can be used to access the actual database names. The
individual names are accessed by calling msqlFetchRow() passing it the result
handle. The m_row data structure returned by each call will contain one
field being the name of one of the available databases. As with all
functions that return a result handle, the data associated with the result
must be freed when it is no longer required using msqlFreeResult().

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