mSQL also supports table aliases so that you can perform a join of a table onto itself.
This may appear to be an unusual thing to do but it is a very powerful feature if there
are rows within a single table relate to each other in some way. An example of such a
table could be a list of people including the names of their parents. In such a table there
would be multiple rows with a parent/child relationship. Using a table alias you could
find out any grandparents contained in the table using something like
SELECT t1.parent, t2.child from parent_data=t1, parent_data=t2
where t1.child = t2.parent
The table aliases t1 and t2 both point to the same table (parent_data in this case) and
are treated as two different tables that just happen to contain exactly the same data.
The Delete Clause
The SQL DELETE construct is used to remove one or more entries from a database table. The
selection of rows to be removed from the table is based on the same 
 construct as used by
the SELECT clause. The syntax for mSQL s delete clause is
DELETE FROM table_name
WHERE column OPERATOR value
[ AND | OR column OPERATOR value ]**
OPERATOR can be <,>, =, <=, =, <>, LIKE, RLIKE, or CLIKE
for example
DELETE FROM emp_details WHERE emp_id = 12345
The Update Clause
The SQL update clause is used to modify data that is already in the database. The operation is
carried out on one or more rows as specified by the 
 construct. The value of any number
of fields on the rows matching the where construct can be updated. mSQL places a limitation
on the operation of the update clause in that it cannot use a column name as an update value
(i.e. you cannot set the value of one field to the current value of another field). Only literal
values may by used as an update value. The syntax supported by mSQL is
UPDATE table_name SET column=value [ , column=value ]**
WHERE column OPERATOR value
[ AND | OR column OPERATOR value ]**
OPERATOR can be <,> , =, <=, =, <>, LIKE, RLIKE or CLIKE
for example
UPDATE emp_details SET salary=30000 WHERE emp_id = 1234
Mini SQL 2.0 (Beta) System Variables

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