If you want to customize the shopping cart, (and you will if you want to sell products using this program), you can visit:
The Virtual Publisher Shopping Cart program is sophisticated and complex. Rather than reprint all their directions here, please go
to their website and download the help files associated with it.
If the Single Page Shopping Cart program wasn t installed on your server and you want it, please send us email and we ll make
sure it s installed right away!
Page Counters
There are 3 different types of page counters you can place on your pages. The first is a no frills graphical counter which looks like
To use this one, put the following tag somewhere on your page, but change the yourpage.htm to be the address of the actual page
you are putting this counter on. Also, don t break up the tag like we did. We had to do that to fit it on the page. The 
part refers to how many digits you want in your counter.
Another page counter you may want to use is the Virtual Publisher Counter (on qualifying accounts only). It is another graphical
counter, but it will give you all kinds of stats such as time and date of visits, and domains that your visitors come from. It looks
like this:
To put this counter on your page, insert the following tag somewhere... please note that the line had to be broken up to fit on this
page, but the line should not be broken on your page.
fram=testcount&viz=yes&isinv=yes&setup=/home/www/yourdomain/cgi bin/counter/setup.txt">
Where you see 
, put in the name of the page you want to put the counter on instead of the word testcount.
 part tells the counter script whether your counter should be invisible or not. If you want the counter to be visible,
leave it as yes. If you want it to be invisible, make it say 
 part is for whether you want the counter to be inverted or not. The default as below means that it is inverted (as
shown in the graphic above). If you wish for it to be just a black number against a white background, make it say 
Another great thing about this one is that you can access the log files for each page you have the counter on, and also reset the
count to any number you wish. To see the instruction page, go to http://yourdomain.com/counter/ with your web browser.
Please be aware that a count file will not be created until a page is accessed for the first time.
Finally, the simplest kind of page counter is a text based counter. It uses SSI so the page you are putting it on must have the .sht,
.shtm, or .shtml extension. It will look like whatever text and size attributes you give it on your page. The tag looks like this:
After you ve put the counter on your page, look at it with your browser. If you don t see the counter the first time, hit reload. Then
you should see the number 1. If you want to change the page count, FTP to your site, and look in the counters directory in your
cgi bin. There will be a file there with the name of whatever page you placed this counter on. Just upload a new text file with a

New Page 1

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