This is the file that you will link to that will contain the Guestbook Entries. You may want to edit the title and heading spaces and
customize the look any way you desire. Do not delete the line 
 from this guestbook, or else the script will have
no way of knowing where to begin the editing. The 
 line is the only necessary line in your guestbook.html file,
but the link to the addguest.html file is also a good idea. : )
This is a fill out form to add a new entry into the guestbook. This is also customizable as long as the action tags and basic field
names in the form remain the same.
This is a short log that lists domains and times that entries were created. Much easier to browse and it will point out those failed
entries when users did not specify a name or comments. You will need to give the file read/write access.
Visitor Links Page
Visitor Link Page allows you to set up a web page which your users can then add links to in specified categories. Newest links are
added to the top of each category. A running total of the number of links present as well as the time when the last link was added
is shown at the top of the page. Your preconfigured Visitor Links page is already set up on your server at The only configuration you may want to do is to customize the look of the links.htm
page. Just leave the method and input tags the way they are. If you decide to change the category names, you must do so in the
links.htm document, AS WELL AS the file in your cgi bin.
Random Text Generator
This script is preconfigured for your server. There is a directory in your www directory called "random." Inside that directory is a
file called random.txt. Just download this file to your hard drive and edit it with any random text you would like placed in an html
document. Remember to keep the %% separator between quotes. You can use any html formatting tags you want to, including
 tags so you can configure it as a random link generator. You can put in as many quotes as you wish. Upload the
random.txt file to your server in the same location you found it, remembering to upload it in ASCII or text mode.
The script uses SSI (Server Side Includes) so the page you want to use random text on must have the .sht, .shtm, or .shtml
extension. On your page, just put this tag wherever you want the random text to appear:
That s all there is to it!
WWW Board
WWW Board is a threaded World Wide Web discussion forum and message board, which allows users to post new messages,
follow up to existing ones and more. It is already preconfigured for your server. Just go to to
post your messages there.
There are several options you may want to configure. First of all, the index.sht file in the bbs directory can be customized any
way you wish as long as you leave the method and input tags the way they are.
Additionally, here are some options contained in the script itself (located in your cgi bin directory) which you may

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