$mailprog   The location of your sendmail program on your host machine.
Option 2: $uselog
This will allow you the ability to use the short log feature. It is already turned on so you will have to change it to 0 if you do not
wish to use it. It has been implemented since there are probably many people who feel no need to have a log when people are
making entries to a file anyway. Keep in mind that it will show errors which is one nice aspect about it.
Option 3: $linkmail
Turning this option on will make the address links in your guestbook become hyperlinked. So instead of simply having
(name@some.host) it will put (name@somehost so that anyone can simply click on the
address to email them.
Option 4: $separator
This allows you to choose whether you want guestbook entries to be separated by a Paragraph Separator 

, or a Horizontal

. By changing the 0 in the script to a 1, you will turn on the
separator and turn off the

separator. The 0 option

will do the reverse of that; turn on the 

and turn off the

Option 5: $redirection
By choosing 1 you will enable auto redirection and 0 will return a page to the user telling them their entry has been received and
click here to get back to the guestbook.
Option 6: $entry_order
Set this option to 0 and the newest entries will be added below the rest of the entries. Keep this option at 1 and the guestbook will
add the newest entries at the top.
Option 7: $remote_mail
Many users of the guestbook have requested that a form letter be automatically sent to the remote user when they fill in the
guestbook. Turning this option on will tell the script to automatically mail any user who leaves an email address. You can specify
the contents of the mail message by editing the section of the script that sends mail to the remote user. By default it sends a
message that says, "Thank you for adding to my guestbook." and then shows them their entry. If you should choose to turn this
variable on, you will need to fill in the 2 variables that go along with it:
$recipient   Your email address so that the mailing program will know who to mail the entry to.
$mailprog   The location of your sendmail program on your host machine.
Option 8: $allow_html
This option allows you to turn on or off the use of HTML tags by users of your guestbook. Setting this variable to 1 allows users
to embed html tags such as  or 

or into your html document. Setting this variable to 0 will not allow

them to use any html syntax in their comments or any other field. You can still link to their comments or any other field. You can
still link to their email address by turning $link_mail to 1.
There is also the ability for users to add their own URL and then their name is referenced to their URL in the guestbook.html file.
This helps to eliminate the need for allow_html to be turned on, and lets users point you to a spot that will tell you more about
them. Several users of the guestbook script have asked for this option. If you wish to disable the option, simply delete the
following line from your addguest.html file:
These are the rest of the important guestbook files found in your Guestbook directory:

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