separated by commas.
 If you want to print the email and subject fields in the body of your message, you would place the following form tag:
Print_blank_fields Field
 print_blank_fields allows you to request that all form fields are printed in the return HTML, regardless of whether or
not they were filled in. FormMail defaults to turning this off, so that unused form fields aren t emailed.
Title Field
 This form field allows you to specify the title and header that will appear on the resulting page if you do not specify
a redirect URL.
 If you wanted a title of  Feedback Form Results :
Return_link_url Field
 This field allows you to specify a URL that will appear, as return_link_title, on the following report page. This field
will not be used if you have the redirect field set, but it is useful if you allow the user to receive the report on the following page,
but want to offer them a way to get back to your main page.
 This is the title that will be used to link the user back to the page you specify with return_link_url. The two fields
will be shown on the resulting form page as:
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Cgiemail is another form processing script, totally different than FormMail, discussed above. It is a program written in the C
language that takes the contents of fill in boxes on a form and emails them to a specified location. In addition to the form
specification in the .html file, a mail specification in a .txt file is required to format the resulting email message.
We provide the cgiemail in the cgi bin directory of your server. You need to have an action in your order.htm file to call it. It
should look like this:
Details are provided below. While there are a number of subsections below this one, they all work together and are meant to be
read from start to finish.
Look for a file in your www directory called order.htm. This is our example form we put on your site that shows how a form

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