Across program objectives, give priority to D/G partners that can play a broader intermediary
: i.e., aggregating diverse interests and representing them in the public sphere, influencing the
accountability of public institutions, and offering viable governance alternatives.  This generally
means actors that have a national presence, have practical knowledge of the legal and political
system, make use of applied policy research, and make use of the media for promoting
Potential partners that fit this profile include the 
Coordinadora Nacional de Derechos Humanos
and certain other human rights organizations (IDL, 
Comision Andina de Juristas
), and other
 watchdog  or advocacy organizations working on such issues as free and fair elections
), press freedom (
Instituto Prensa y Sociedad
), women's rights and opportunities
(the PROMUJER alliance, 
), and the transparency of public administration more
Universities with historical traditions of academic excellence, political pluralism, and
commitment to public service may also be ideal partners for sponsoring debates and convening
different interest groups and actors around common themes (e.g., members of the Consorcio de
Universidades). They also have the added advantage of considerable infrastructure and financial
stability. Research centers with high credibility and a policy or advocacy bent can also be allies
in efforts to reconstruct political society (e.g., IEP, GRADE, Apoyo).
Encourage greater coordination among donors interested in putting the issue of parties and
political society on their agendas
 (e.g., the German political party foundations, other European
donors, NDI, IRI, the Ford Foundation). USAID/Peru has supported the APOYO Task Forces
Agenda Peru
 initiative, which have focused on building consensus around critical national
policy issues, although their impact in revitalizing political society to date has been limited and
the dissemination of their work is still in progress.
 Sponsor public dialogue and related activities that address the problem of strengthening
political society and overcoming both party and civil society fragmentation
.  In the short term,
for example, USAID should encourage broad debate and public education about recently
proposed reforms of the existing electoral rules and structures of representation (e.g. multiple
districts, new rules for party formation and competition).  Future activities might also involve
self criticism on the part of current party leaders and efforts to draw lessons from the recent past,
and might include party representatives from other countries to discuss their experiences in party
renovation and survival.
While some applied research might be useful for these efforts (e.g., public opinion data, analysis
of electoral rules and trends), the team believes it is important to avoid strictly academic
exercises.  Instead, USAID should promote dialogue and/or action oriented activities, with broad
participation by leaders of established parties and new movements, government and opposition,
and diverse civil society groups.  Sponsors should be credible and neutral entities, such as
leading universities, business associations, and independent media such as 
El Comercio,
with organizations such as 
Follow up initiatives
. Ideally, such activities would encourage and inform legislative and
constitutional reform efforts in the new Congress, and help to identify candidates for more
specific leadership training or party development initiatives in the medium term.  USAID would
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