Domain Report   Lists the countries that requests have come from.  
   Organization Report   Lists the organizations that requests have come from.  
   Redirected Referrer Report   Lists the referrers that led to redirections.  
   Failed Referrer Report   Lists the links that were not successfully referred (generally this 
lists the broken links on your site).  
   Referring Site Report   Lists the servers that referred to your site (shows you how much 
traffic search engines and advertising is generating for you).  
   Search Word Report   Lists the search words that were used on search engines to find 
your site.  
   Browser Report   Lists the version details of the browsers used to access your site.  
   Browser Summary   Lists the types of browsers used to access your site.  
   Operating System Report   Lists the operating systems of the browsers used to access 
your site.  
   Status Code Report   Lists each HTTP status code that you received.  
   File Size Report   Lists the files requested, sorted by size.  
   File Type Report   Lists the files requested, sorted by type.  
   Directory Report   Lists the directories from which files have been served.  
   Request Report   Lists the files that were downloaded.  
Be sure to read the 
Analog documentation
 if you are interested in more detailed information.  
To use the Analog tool: 
1.  Click on the Analog link in the Statistics area.  
2.  Click on the month that you are interested in. 
3.  You are now presented with the Web Server Statistics page for your web site. You can 
browse the report online, or print it for more detailed perusal offline. Take your time   
there is a lot of information available.  
Latest visitors  
This quick tool lists the last 30 visitors that have visited your site in the last 24 hours. Note that 
visitors are defined as requests from servers, not individual people.  
To view the most recent visitors: 
1.  Click on the Latest Visitors link in the Statistics area.  
2.  Browse the results. You can click on the Referrer link to open the referring site page, or 
click on the URL link to open the file that was requested.  

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