CGI Scripts 
2.  Copy and paste the displayed HTML code in the Install Java Chatroom section into your 
web page as a link. 
3.  Upload your page and test the script. 
CGI Wrap  
The CGI Wrap script creates a scgi bin folder at the public_html level of your web site. This 
allows you to run scripts with your own user ID.  
The advantage of this is that you can run scripts that have the same permissions that you do   
you can write, edit, and delete files as you normally do. In a regular cgi bin folder, you can only 
do this if you set your directory permissions to 777 (world access) and file permissions to 666, 
both of which are quite dangerous as anyone can now modify your web site.  
The disadvantage of this is that if there is a security breach in your script that another person 
can exploit, they have access to your site in the same manner that you do   they can do 
anything. However, as long as the scripts you run in the scgi bin directory are secure, you have 
nothing to worry about.  
Be sure to read the 
CGI Wrap user guide
 for more detailed information on using CGI Wrap.  
For a more detailed description of the distinction between normal and wrapped cgi, refer to this 
To use the Simple CGI Wrapper: 
1.  Click on the Simple CGI Wrapper button in the CGI Scripts area. 
Your scgi bin folder has now been set up. All cgi scripts that you would like to run under 
your own user ID should be placed in this folder.  
CGI EMail  
CGI EMail is a simple, easy to use script that takes the results of any form and sends them to 
you via email. Because it is already installed, minimal configuration is required to successfully 
use the script.  
The following steps provide quick summarized instructions for CGI EMail. Be sure to read the 
CGI user guide
 for detailed instructions on using CGI EMail.  
To configure CGI EMail: 
1.  Create an HTML form with a number of named input fields. Refer to 
this page
 for more 
detailed information of the action component of the form.  
2.  Create an email template (a .txt file) that displays the format in which you want your form 
information displayed in the email. Make sure all your form name codes are one word 
and in square brackets [].  
3.  Upload the .txt and form files to your site. 
4.  Go to your cgi bin directory and change the file permissions on cgiecho and cgiemail to 
5.  Test the script. The cgiecho script is designed for testing online, so you do not have to 
wait for email to be sent or received. 

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