CGI Scripts 
3.  Click on the Control Panel link in the top left corner of your browser window. You can 
now modify the forum. Refer to
 if you need more information 
about how to modify the forum.  
Removing an XMB Forum  
You can remove an XMB Forum as easily as you created it. All messages will be deleted, so 
make sure you download any information from the forum that you want to keep before removing 
To remove an XMB Forum: 
1.  Using either an FTP client or File Manager, delete the XMB Forum folder on the top level 
of your site. 
Chat Room  
There are two pre installed chat scripts available.  
   Entropy Chat   a simple chat script that offers basic features. 
   Melange Chat System   a Java chat script that offers more advanced features. 
Which script you choose is entirely up to you. As always, if neither script is appropriate, there 
are many free and chargeable scripts available on the Internet.  
Entropy Chat
Melange Chat System
Entropy Chat  
Entropy Chat is a simple chat script that offers basic features.  
To set up Entropy Chat: 
1.  Click on the on the Chat Room link in the CGI Scripts area. 
2.  Copy and paste the displayed HTML code in the Install Entropy Chat section into your 
web page. Feel free to alter the appearance of the form as required.  
3.  Upload your page and test the script. 
Melange Chat System  
The Melange Chat System is a Java chat script that offers a number of advanced features. The 
steps below are only for installation   for more information detailed information about using the 
Melange Chat System, please refer to the 
user guide
To set up Melange Chat System: 
1.  Click on the on the Chat Room link in the CGI Scripts area. 

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