1.  Click on the Anonymous FTP Message link in the FTP area.  
2.  Enter the message that you want visitors to see in the text area. You can not enter HTML 
code   plain text only. This is created as a welcome.msg text file.  
3.  Click on the Save button. Click on the Anonymous FTP message link to return to the 
Anonymous FTP Message window to confirm that the message has been created.  
Removing Anonymous FTP access  
Removing Anonymous FTP access is as simple as enabling the access. Removing access 
does not delete your public_ftp folder or its contents (you should not delete this folder 
anyway), but it does prevent anyone from accessing that folder through FTP.  
To remove Anonymous FTP access: 
1.  Click on the Setup Anonymous FTP Access link in the FTP area.  
2.  Remove the tick from the Allow anonymous access to ftp://ftp.yourdomain.com tick 
box or the Allow anonymous upload to ftp://ftp.yourdomain.com/incoming tick 
3.  Click on the Submit button. Click on the Setup anonymous FTP access link to return to 
the Anonymous FTP window to confirm that Anonymous FTP has been removed 
Controlling FTP sessions  
You can view and terminate FTP sessions using the provided FTP session controls. This is 
useful for general information and stopping unwanted FTP activity.  
To control FTP sessions: 

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