2.  Click on the name of the file or folder. 
3.  Click on the Change Permissions link in the top right corner of the window.  
4.  Click on as many tick boxes as you require to create the right permission. The permission 
numbers underneath the tick boxes will update automatically.  
5.  Click on the Submit button when you have finished setting the permission. The new 
permission level has now been saved and the display updated to show the modified file.  
Deleting a file or folder  
CPanel includes a Trash folder, which operates the same way as the Windows Recycle Bin. All 
deleted files are automatically placed in the Trash folder and can be restored to their original 
positions by a simple click. However, once you empty the Trash folder, the files are permanently 
deleted. Refer to 
Emptying the Trash
 for more information.  
To delete a file or folder: 
1.  Navigate to the file(s) or folder(s) that you want to delete. 
2.  Click on the name of the file or folder to display the item s properties in the top right 
corner of your window. 
3.  Click on the Delete File link. The deleted file or folder is now displayed in the Trash area. 
Refer to 
Restoring an item from the Trash
 if you deleted the wrong file or folder by 
Restoring an item from the Trash  
You can easily restore a deleted file from the Trash by moving it from the Trash to another 
folder. Restored folders are automatically moved back to their original location. However, you 
will not be able to restore the item if you have emptied the Trash since deleting it   it has been 
permanently destroyed.  
To restore an item from the Trash: 
1.  Click on the item that you want to restore in the Trash area on the bottom right of the 
2.  If the item you have selected is a folder, the folder will be automatically returned to its 
original location. You are now finished with this procedure.  
If the item you have selected is a file, click on the Move File link in the File operations 

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