Go up a level by clicking on the Up one level link.  
Use the path links at the top of the window to move up and down the path. 
Select a folder, so as to view or modify its properties, by clicking on the folder 
name link. 
Creating a new folder
Uploading files in File Manager
Creating a new file
Editing a file
Renaming a file or folder
Changing file/folder permissions
Deleting a file or folder
Restoring an item from the Trash
Emptying the Trash
Creating a new folder  
Folders are a very useful way of adding organization and structure to your web site. They make 
maintenance of the site much easier, as you can easily see what files are in which folder. Most 
web sites include at least an /image folder to keep all the image files separate from the HTML 
To create a new folder: 
1.  Navigate to the area in which you will create the new folder. 
2.  Click on the Create New Folder link.  
3.  Enter the name of the new folder in the Create folder named field in the top left corner of 
the window.  
4.  Click on the Create button. The new folder will appear in the main display area.  
Uploading files in File Manager  
You can use File Manager to upload files to your web site, up to 12 files in one go. Although 
useful, a third party FTP client has many more features and does not limit you to the number of 
files you can upload at one time. Refer to the 
 section for more information.  
To upload files in File Manager: 
1.  Navigate to the folder where you want to upload your files. 
2.  Click on the Upload file(s) link.  
3.  Click on the Browse... button next to one of the top fields.  

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