The area allows you to manage all aspects of your email, from adding new 
accounts, managing mailing lists, and setting spam filters. There are quite a number of options 
available, so take your time.  
Note: All email options can be used in conjunction with each other. For example, you could set 
up an auto responder on your main account to email an "Out of Office" message, a forwarder to 
send the email to your uncle s house where you are staying, and a spam filter to reject all email 
with "credit" in the subject line. This flexibility is what makes email so powerful as a 
communication medium.  
Reading your email
POP Email Accounts
Setting your default email address
Auto responders
Mailing Lists
Spam Filters
Reading your email  
You can read your online email using NeoMail. This popular webmail script allows you to read 
your email, save them, keep an address book, and perform all of the other basic email functions 
that you are used to. The main difference between NeoMail and an offline email applications, 
such as Eudora or Microsoft Outlook Express, is that all of these functions are performed 
online, rather than on your own computer, and offline applications generally provide many more 
NeoMail is optional. You can still use your favorite offline email applications, if you prefer. You 
can even use a combination of NeoMail and another tool   you can check your e mail online, 
perhaps when you re at work, and download your email to your computer when you get home. 
You can automatically configure 
Outlook Express
, or manually configure other mail applications.  
To read your email online: 
1.  Click on the Read Your Email link in the area.  
Note: You can also save this link as a bookmark, so that you can access it without 
having to use CPanel.  
2.  You are now in the NeoMail window for your default email address. Click on any 
message link to read the message, and use the toolbar to reply to the email, or perform 
any other function. Refer to the 
NeoMail summary
 if you need more information about 
using NeoMail.  

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