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appendix   useful resources
useful books
Baker, Jonny, and Gay, Doug with Brown, Jenny, Alternative Worship, SPCK,
Boff, Leonardo, Ecclesiogenesis: The Base Communities Reinvent the
Church, Orbis/Collins, 1986.
Booker, Mike and Ireland, Mark, Evangelism: which way now?, Church
House Publishing, 2003.
Breaking New Ground, Church House Publishing, 1994.
Carey, George, Planting New Churches, Eagle Publishing, 1991.
Cray, Graham, Youth Congregations and Emerging Church, Grove
Evangelism 57, 2002.
Encounters on the Edge   information about this series is available from
Gibbs, Eddie and Coffey, Ian, Church Next, IVP, 2000.
Green, Michael (ed.), Church Without Walls, Paternoster Press, 2002.
Hebblethwaite, Margaret, Base Communities   an introduction, Geoffrey
Chapman, 1993.
Hopkins, Bob and White, Richard, Enabling Church Planting, CPAS, 1995
(downloadable from
Jackson, Bob, Hope for the Church, Church House Publishing, 2002.
Lings, George and Murray, Stuart, Church Planting Past Present and Future,
Grove Evangelism 61, 2003.
Mission Theological Advisory Group, Presence and Prophecy (a heart for
mission in theological education), Churches Together in Britain and
Ireland/Church House Publishing, 2002.
Mission Theological Advisory Group, The Search for Faith and the Witness of
the Church, Church House Publishing, 1996.
Moynagh, Michael, Changing World, Changing Church, Monarch, 2001.
Murray, Stuart, Church Planting: Laying Foundations, Paternoster Press,
Murray, Stuart and Wilkinson Hayes, Anne, Hope from the Margins   New
Ways of Being Church, Grove Evangelism 49, 2000.
Nazir Ali, Michael, Shapes of the Church to Come, Kingsway, 2001.
Potter, Phil, The Challenge of Cell Church, Bible Reading Fellowship, 
Price, Peter and Hinton, Jeanne, Changing Communities, Churches
Together in Britain and Ireland, 2003.

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