Page 161
4. See George Lings, Dynasty or Diversity, Encounters on the Edge 15, Church Army, 2002,
p. 4.
5. `Resource Church' is the term used in Sheffield Diocese. It is similar to what might
elsewhere be called a `Minster Model'   a core church acting as a resource to enable the
mission and ministry of other churches.
6. See Chapter 4 of this report for examples and commentary.
7. See the Church of Wales report, Good News in Wales. The latter story is told in Living
Proof, Encounters on the Edge 1, Church Army, 1999.
8. Chapter 6 of this report.
9. See Michael Moynagh's work on the Tomorrow Project in Changing World, Changing
Church, Monarch/Administry, 2001.
10. The relevant sections of Canons C8 and B41 are:
Every minister shall exercise his ministry in accordance with the provisions of this
Canon. (Canon C8.1)
A minister . . . may officiate in any place only after he has received authority to do 
so from the bishop of the diocese. (Canon C8.2)
No minister who has such authority to exercise his ministry in any diocese shall do 
so therein in any place in which he has not the cure of souls without the permission
of the minister having such cure . . . except at the homes of persons whose names
are entered on the electoral roll of the parish which he serves and to the extent
authorized by the Extra Parochial Ministry Measure 1967 . . . or in a university,
college, school, hospital, or public or charitable institution in which he is licensed to
officiate as provided by the said measure and Canon B41. (Canon C8.4)
Canon B41 might be employed if a plant gained charitable status and a licence were
given by the bishop. It reads:
The bishop of a diocese within which any college, school, hospital, or public or
charitable institution is situated, whether or not it possesses a chapel, may under the
Extra Parochial Measure 1967, license a minister to perform such offices and service
of the Church of England as may be specified in the licence on any premises forming
part of or belonging to the institution in question . . . (Canon B41.2) The performance
of offices and services in accordance with any such licence shall not require the
consent or be subject to the control of the minister of the parish in which they are
performed. (Canon B41.3) 
Such Canons were originally designed to provide worship for the members of these
institutions, not to solve problems of boundaries and network churches. But, on the face
of it, the bishop could cite Canon B41 to allow a non boundary church plant, if it
operated in a college, school or hospital, or if it obtained charitable status. The bishop
could license the minister even in the face of opposition or indifference from the local

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