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mission shaped church
  A pattern of training, mentoring and apprenticeship `on the job'
should be developed, rather than outside or apart from the mission
situation where the leader (or potential leader) is exercising their
  Patterns of authorization for a specific task should be developed 
(for example, as leader of a church plant) rather than authorization
with the assumption of a potentially lifelong ministry.
There is an urgent need to release resources to sustain mission initiatives
to the non churched. The resources of the Church of England are
understandably but disproportionately invested in inherited and traditional
styles of church, which alone are no longer adequate for mission to the
whole nation. Strategies are needed to establish new resources and
transfer some existing resources for new initiatives.
16. In each diocese there should be established a `mission growth and
opportunity fund' (or similar title)   a fund to support new ventures 
in cross cultural mission, evangelism and church planting.
17. In view of the Church Commissioners' mandate to provide `additional
provision for the cure of souls in parishes where such assistance is
most required', strategic decisions about future patterns of financial
support should be made in partnership with dioceses so as to help
actively resource church planting and fresh expressions of church. 
This might include support for diocesan `mission growth and
opportunity' funds, and short term support for the transition of 
some diocesan resources from inherited modes to church planting 
and fresh expressions.
18. Mission shaped Church has identified that shifts in the population of
England, and the large scale development of new areas of housing,
require national, regional and diocesan thinking and resourcing. The
Church Commissioners in partnership with the Archbishops' Council
and relevant dioceses should consider how best to resource the
planting of neighbourhood and network forms of church in new
population areas. Similarly, the Church Commissioners in partnership
with the Archbishops' Council and relevant dioceses should consider
how best to resource missionary church in areas of diminishing or
declining population.

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