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mission shaped church
arrival of further Anglican churches whose creation has been sanctioned by
the bishop in line with agreed diocesan procedures.
arguments against
These are bound to arise and need weighing.
  There can only be one authorized ministry per parish.
Prospective incomers would be authorized by the bishop, so rightful 
order would be retained. The issue is not about the `one' ministry, but
the ministry being authorized. What is intended is the creation of more
accessible diversity of ministry. In one sense all that is happening is 
what already occurs within a deanery.
  There can only be one church per parish.
Ecumenically speaking this has not been reality for hundreds of years.
Today ecumenical breadth tends to be welcomed as part of healthy
  There can only be one Eucharist per parish.
Once again this assumes all other denominations' celebrations are 
not valid. Moreover, in a team parish, Eucharists may occur in various
Anglican churches concurrently.
  The parish church will suffer.
Experience in other provinces of the Anglican Communion has shown
that the arrival of another Anglican church actively engaged in mission
produces all sorts of contacts, some of whom are more attracted to 
the historic parish church. Thus the fresh church assists the growth 
of the older church.
This report suggests that legislation should remove:
  The canonical right of a minister to exclude further Anglican churches,
where their creation has been sanctioned by the bishop in line with
agreed diocesan procedures.
But affirms the wisdom of enabling a parish and its minister to retain all
their rights to:
  The ecclesiastical traditions and style of worship of that parish, within
Anglican norms.
  Real and actual possession of the church building.
  Security of tenure and continuity of ministry ensured by best practice 
of patronage and freehold.

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