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mission shaped church
  In the planning stage, it is recommended to set and agree a budget for
the new church. This includes:
  Salary costs
  Housing costs
  Buildings costs
  Equipment costs
  Training costs
  Evangelistic costs.
Consultants find most discussion about church planting tends to revolve
around the third and fourth items. Compared to the first and second 
items, these represent small amounts. The third and fourth may only 
be  100s per annum, whereas the first two can easily run to  30,000
annually (not including any capital costs of housing). The fifth and sixth
areas are important, because developing gifts and ministries is direct
linkage into being self propagating, and to be in mission is why the 
plant was started in the first place.
  A budget in outline for several years ahead should be agreed, to
determine what subsidy may be needed.
Total costs for a year can easily be  35,000 if full time paid leaders are
involved. If an old church building is inherited this may also need significant
levels of expenditure. Fresh expressions of church often have commendably
high levels of fringe members, or of those beginning to discover Christian
discipleship. Dioceses will probably need to enter into an arrangement for 
a diminishing subsidy, and/or relief from diocesan share arrangements.
self governing
All church plants and fresh expressions of church benefit from the process
of learning to run their own affairs, as far as they are able. Learning to
make decisions and taking responsibility (including permission to fail) are
part of growth and maturity. Protective `sending' churches need to discover
how to give away control and power, and celebrate the independence and
interdependence of the new church.
In 1994, Breaking New Ground grasped and advocated this same point:
It is apparent that the more the parent churches share power and 
place trust in the plant, the more vigorous the growth in quality and
quantity that results.
30, 31

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