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some methodologies for a missionary church
church, and so have some characteristics of the Runner. But the aim
from the start is to become an independent parish, so that any
dependency link falls away fairly quickly, although links by association
may remain.
  The advantage is a `from strength, in strength' dynamic with more rapid 
resulting growth. The disadvantage is a tendency to lack flexibility to create 
something different, should that be advisable. However, if a new step is
needed and agreed, resources towards that goal are easily available.
`Seeds' refer to the process by which a tiny seed is blown on the wind,
perhaps a long way away from its host   both in terms of distance and
environment   and may make a new beginning where perhaps this kind 
of plant was previously absent.
What are `Seeds' like?
  Seeds cross boundaries perhaps more freely than any other group. 
Their mission partners are furthest away, rather like missionaries to
foreign lands with mission societies back home who pray and support,
but cannot be with them physically.
  By definition, seeds are a small group of highly motivated and possibly
highly skilled people. They are from one to six people at most.
  People on seed teams move their home in order to plant, so that they
can identify more deeply with the area to which they are called.
may even have been brought together from different sources to form 
the team.
  The great advantage is they best exemplify the planting missionary
dynamic of dying to their previous identity in order to reincarnate the
gospel and church in the mission context.
  If the seeds are small in number, then the years taken to make a
significant difference can be considerable. Ways to recruit, train, deploy
and support seed teams   or missionary communities   have exercised
church planters in England for years.
a summary
Good planting methodology asks three questions, in this order:
  Who is the mission for?   mission goal questions
  Who is the mission by?   mission resource questions
  Who is the mission with?   mission partner questions.

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