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mission shaped church
  When the new plant has established, the runner link from the mother
plant naturally withers (although they may remain adjacent).
  The close relational link often creates plants that are very similar to the
mother. The ability of runner church planting to create diversity has not
been high.
This biological metaphor follows the practice of introducing a fresh shoot
into a slit cut into another stock. The vigour of the new shoot and the sap
of the old stock combine to produce a more fruitful specimen.
What are `Grafts' like?
  With permission they cross a parish, deanery or diocesan boundary, 
in order to join another existing church, who become their partners. 
The link to the sending church diminishes.
  Just as with a gardening graft, the incoming team or shoot is smaller
than the congregation or stock that receives them. The incoming team
usually has a junior role within the receiving church.
  The meeting place is usually the building of the receiving congregation.
  The purpose is to revive the mission emphasis of the new overall
congregation. This pattern has often been used with pastoral
reorganization schemes.
  The difficult issues are whether this slim resource can revive the larger
stock. In addition, the ability to create something new (should that 
be required) can be limited. Grafts are usually a renewing, not a
revolutionary device.
This is the process of taking a large garden plant, dividing it, and replanting
part in a new location, so the parts have space to grow in size.
What are `Transplants' like?
  Transplants usually cross parish boundaries with permission, to join as
partners with another, but struggling, church congregation.
  However, the sent team is usually larger than the receiving church, and 
  more importantly   the sent team is in the senior partner role.
  Usually the building of the receiving church will be used.
  The size is often 50 or more people.
  The incoming team may retain close relationships with its sending 

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