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fresh expressions of church
These different sized resources and catchment groups grew at
different rates and evolved different styles, both using rented
secular buildings. Both now comfortably fill their premises.
Traditional church plants went further than daughter churches in terms 
of having a specific mission purpose, sending a team, not just a curate,
possessing an organic identity, a willingness to be in a more accessible
building, and intended growth towards interdependency with the sending
`Traditional church plants' may well have a growing importance as part 
of the Church's strategic response to new areas of housing development,
particularly in the south east of England. However, even in those areas of
population growth, a variety of responses and expressions of church will 
be needed. It will not be sufficient simply to build more churches, but
instead a variety of inculturated expressions of church will be needed,
including some of those listed in this chapter.
Replants are one particular form of traditional church plant. They involve 
the reopening of a closed church building. Where there is still an existing
congregation, the language of `graft' or `transplant' is more accurate.
Usually they happen in larger urban areas, because this is where closed
church buildings often occur.
Replants tend to start because Christians from a sending church have
moved to that area of the town or city. Then they find it unrealistic to
continue to commute to church, or to expect their local friends and
contacts to travel across town to their existing church. Four out of the
fifteen Holy Trinity Brompton church plants come into this category. These
have been the fruit of negotiation between Holy Trinity and the Diocese of
London, linking the mission opportunity of a redundant building with the
relocation of Christians as a mission resource to that area. However, there
is no reason why a replant might not be in the style of any of the other
fresh expressions of church listed. Contextual awareness and response,
rather than cloning a style or variety of church, is always the better
missionary approach.
traditional forms of church inspiring new interest
There is some evidence of an increase in attendance at cathedral and 
other churches offering traditional styles of worship. Some retreat centres
are experiencing a growing interest in courses offering various patterns of

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