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mission shaped church
community to which people can belong. The primary purpose
of this church plant has been to introduce people to the love
of God, and in particular to connect with people between the
ages of 18 and 40 years.
After much discussion and prayer, the church agreed to go
ahead with phases 1 and 2 of a new project to begin this
congregation. Phase 1 started in January 2001 with a 
group of twelve meeting together to pray and to develop 
a set of core values, a mission and a strategy for this new
Explore has five key values: community, communication,
commitment, caring and celebrating. These are expressed
through building friendships, a wide range of social events,
seeker targeted events, small groups and commitment.
Explore is still at an early stage in its life. The initial twelve
people who began the church plant now number around 30
adults, most of whom are in small groups. There are clear
encouragements as people join the church as a result of the
what happens in the UK?
There are very few examples in the UK where churches are seeking to
model the Willow Creek pattern in its entirety. Willow Creek Church began
from scratch, and was hence able to `target' a particular niche of potential
attenders, and did not have to sustain either denominational expectations
or persuade long term church members to make a major change to their
normal church habits. However, elements of the Willow Creek model and
style of worship have had considerable influence in many Anglican
churches. The Seeker Service approach of devising worship for casual
attenders or for the curious has influenced numbers of churches in the 
style and content of their guest and all age services. In addition, they offer
a general challenge to ensure that worship is accessible to all, not just
those who are committed Christians, or who are accustomed to the liturgy
and traditions of the Church. In addition, aspects of the Seeker approach
can be seen in some network churches, and in multiple congregations
where one of the congregations aims to offer a more open or accessible
style of worship.
It is probably true to say that, in England, Seeker church has been effective
mainly in restoring the lapsed, not in reaching the non churched. It is
undoubtedly a resource hungry form of evangelism, and requires constant

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