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fresh expressions of church
parents who may have preconceived notions about what
church liturgy is like.
The third Sunday service has also proved both flexible and
portable in that its format has now been extended to other
venues, such as a county school and a local pub.
Because children at All Saints are confirmed in year 7, the
next stage is to see how candidates develop from primary
school experiences and begin to assume some level of
responsibility in the life of the church. So far, some have
made connections in helping to establish and lead a youth
fellowship and others have taken on liturgical roles, such as
chalice assistants in church. In this way, we can see that,
while church is taking the initiative to connect with children
and parents, children and young people are also feeding back
their faith and experience into church, so challenge and
change through this missionary programme works in both
seeker church
The Seeker approach was founded by Willow Creek Church in Chicago. 
It attempts to create an experience of worship and teaching in which
`seekers' will feel comfortable. This involves scrutinizing the content of
services, so they are accessible and meaningful to people with little
background in Christian worship, and make no assumption about the 
faith commitment of those attending. Similarly, preaching usually explores
everyday issues or life themes (rather than being biblical exposition or
specific Christian teaching)   and drama, music, creative arts and
contemporary media may also be used to enable connection with the
theme through a variety of styles and senses. Seeker Services often take
place on a Sunday, although in theory they would happen whenever best
suited the potential attenders. In Chicago, services of worship and teaching
for Christians take place midweek, leaving Sunday free for Seeker oriented
A story: Bracknell Leisure Centre
Easthampstead Baptist Church already had two congregations
in 1999, and began to consider the planting of a third
congregation. This became Explore, meeting in a local 
Leisure Centre. Explore aimed to use contemporary arts to
communicate the message of Jesus, while also providing a

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