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fresh expressions of church
True to Cell church, values form the basis for everything. Our
values are:
Every member ministry
Every member maturity
Jesus at the centre
Sacrificial love
Community life based around openness and honesty.
NB this parish considered but decided against becoming an
overall cell church.
cell from scratch
The second strand in planting is the starting of a cell based church, for an
area or culture where congregational church life is not the most appropriate
model. This approach has been used in urban contexts where the desire is
to reach the non churched. Cell makes it easier to travel light. The baggage
of church in these contexts may include hostility to the institution, a sense
of alienation from its bookish organizational complexity, uncertainty about
entering a holy building and a profound sense of not having a clue of what
to do once there. Some stories stress the counter cultural advantage of
cell: it is an example of authentic and attractive community that may not 
be found within the secular community. Where the non churched have no
contact with the institutional church, nor any interest in being contacted,
then perhaps a relational approach is the only one that can bear fruit.
advantages of cell planting include:
  Cell principles help those fresh expressions of church working in areas, 
or with post Christian groupings, where middle sized or middle class
congregations   and their style   would be culturally foreign.
  By being small and responsive to members, cells can identify with the
needs of an area and work with those seeking its regeneration.
  Cell assists the multiplication of indigenous leaders, by a deliberate
pattern of ongoing apprentice style training. Finding and forming these
leaders is key to the whole process.
  Cell church can help a number of planted churches break through the
small church attendance barrier of about 50 people, by breaking down
the unit size and raising the proportion of the church membership
engaged in all forms of ministry, including evangelism.
  Cell simplifies and focuses the inner life of all young churches. This
makes it possible to sustain energy for outward looking activities.

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