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mission shaped church
  Alternative worship communities
  Base Ecclesial Communities
  Cafe church
  Cell church
  Churches arising out of community initiatives (both out of community
projects, and the restructuring or refounding of an existing church to
serve a community)
  Multiple and midweek congregations
  Network focused churches (churches connecting with specific networks)
  School based and school linked congregations and churches
  Seeker church
  Traditional church plants
  Traditional forms of church inspiring new interest (including new monastic
  Youth congregations.
It is apparent that there is a wide diversity of fresh expressions of church.
What may not be so clear is that the depth of information on the different
strands varies immensely. Some groupings have already established a track
record, grown some level of network between practitioners, thought out
their self understanding and produced resources for internal and external
consumption. Other labels used here represent an attempt to group
together recent developments that show comparable characteristics,
although as yet there may be no network, nor agreed joint understanding
and sometimes not even realization that other similar groups exist.
The chapter also suggests categories by which the wider Church may better
understand these areas. Insight from these fresh expressions may help
existing congregations to reorientate themselves in response to the mission
call of God.
alternative worship communities
This fresh expression has been emerging and evolving since the late 1980s.
It is a loose grouping that is not always easy to track, partly because 
many of its adherents have a post denominational consciousness and 
a postmodern suspicion of labels and classification.
This loose network of groups is trying to connect Church, and especially
worship, with particular shifting segments of popular culture. In addition
they have a passion to close the divide between the experience of

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