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mission shaped church
language and terminology applies to the whole range of fresh expressions 
of church.
Church planting is a process. It is a branch of practical mission theology,
developing the thinking and disciplines that underlie the creation of fresh
expressions of church. The variety of fresh expressions is the fruit of the
planting process. So, in Chapter 4, the term `traditional church plant' has
been coined to describe just one strand of fresh expressions of church   
a subset of the planting phenomenon and process.
This report suggests the following as a definition of church planting.
Church planting is the process by which a seed of the life
and message of Jesus embodied by a community of
Christians is immersed for mission reasons in a particular
cultural or geographic context.
The intended consequence is that it roots there, coming to
life as a new indigenous body of Christian disciples well
suited to continue in mission.
what is `church' in the planting 
Breaking New Ground examined `church' in the specific context of church
planting. It is a useful starting point.
Church . . . has been defined for the purposes of this report as: 
a group of Christians predominantly drawn from a discernible
neighbourhood, culture or network who are led by those with
authorization from the wider Church, whose worship and common 
life includes regular commitment to preaching the Word and to the
celebration of the two dominical sacraments.
much to affirm
Church is here seen as people more than buildings. It has a sense of
rootedness, and is intentionally part of a place   whether the church of
Colossae or Colchester. Rootedness embraces culture and network, as well
as just location and territory. It includes a connection to the wider Church
that involves accountability. Worship and common life are two of its

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