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a note on the discussion
It is hoped that Mission shaped Church will be studied and discussed at
diocesan, deanery and parish level. As such, Mission shaped Church will
necessarily have a number of different audiences. However, the questions
that follow each chapter are intended for use by local leadership groups
and can also be used by other parish or local fellowship groups. Groups do
not have to use all the questions and may choose whichever seem most
appropriate for their group make up and context.
The first question in each group of five is of a general, philosophical nature
and is intended to aid discussion or brainstorming surrounding the
underlying principles of mission shaped church. A suggestion for a passage
of Scripture is included so that groups can focus the discussion down into
Bible study if they so wish.
The second question also deals with the general principles underlying the
chapters, but invites groups to take these principles and apply them to their
local context.
The third question in each group is designed for people who like to make
lists, draw diagrams or compose tables in order to think about issues or to
think strategically about mission.
The last two questions in each group invite people to focus on the text
itself. Groups are invited to engage directly with assertions or arguments 
in each chapter and to decide how these apply to their local situation. 
By this means, groups are further invited to explore what missionary
strategy, church planting or fresh expressions of church might be most
appropriate in their own situation.
Further information and resources may be obtained from Anne Richards,
Mission and Public Affairs Division, Church House.

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