Appendix II 
Agency Specific Information
management capacity in local environmental agencies, (3) develop
environmental education, (4) help establish community based planning
and priority, and (5) create an environmental training and information
center in Ekaterinburg. The objective is to improve environmental
management and reduce pollution in Nizhnii Tagil and to disseminate
information on this experience to other cities in the Urals region and
elsewhere in Russia.
Recovery of Fugitive
With funding from 
, this program will recover fugitive methane
Methane Emissions
emissions from gas pipelines and coal mines in Russia by (1) introducing
methane recovery technologies and practices by establishing a methane
recovery center and pre feasibility studies at individual coal mines in the
Kuznetsk basin and (2) reducing leakage at compressor stations and welds
in the Gazprom gas pipeline system through field demonstrations of
methane recovery technologies and practices.
Russia Air Management
With funding from 
, the program will upgrade air quality management
tools and programs in Volgagrad to develop a control strategy and reduce
emissions at selected sites; it will also introduce changes, where
appropriate, into Russian national air policy. The objective is to improve
air quality management in Russia, initially at Volgagrad and subsequently
throughout the country.
Scientific and
This program represents various 
 activities conducted under the aegis
Technological Cooperative
of the U.S. U.S.S.R. Environmental Agreement. Examples include
demonstrating utility boiler emission control and exchanging technologies
and ideas for controlling degradation of marine port environments.
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