Appendix II 
Agency Specific Information
Air Pollution Control
With funding from 
, this program will demonstrate new, innovative,
and low cost air pollution control technology at a coal fired heating plant
in Dorogobuzh, Russia.
Arctic Contaminants
This program provided travel and living support for two Russian scientists
Research Program
who worked collaboratively with Office of Research and Development
scientists. The group interpreted data from a scientific expedition
conducted in the summer of 1993. The goal of the entire Arctic
Contaminants Research Program, the bulk of which is conducted outside
, focuses on assessing the extent of contamination of arctic
ecosystems by atmospherically transported pollutants.
Drinking Water Quality in
With funding from 
, this program concerns point source pollution
the Moscow Region
from inadequate wastewater treatment, protection of small watersheds
from polluted agricultural runoff, and upgrades to laboratory and
monitoring capacity. The objective is to improve drinking water quality
and reduce health risks associated with water pollution and microbial
contamination of the Moscow drinking water supply.
With funding from 
, this program provides training in environmental
Management Training
management for mid career professionals in various branches of the
Ukrainian government, business and industry, and the environmental
nongovernmental organization community.
Integrated Resource
With funding from 
, this program introduces integrated resource
planning tools and concepts to promote energy efficiency and emissions
reductions at power plants Mosenergo in Moscow and Yuzhenergo in the
north Caucasus region.
Kaniv Reservoir Water
With funding from 
, the program will help improve water quality
Quality Project
management of the Dnipro river system by introducing useful
management, modeling, and monitoring approaches to protect and
improve public health and aquatic resources.
Nizhnii Tagil Environment
With funding from 
, the program will (1) provide environmental
audits and pollution prevention at industrial enterprises, (2) strengthen the
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