Appendix II 
Agency Specific Information
Belarus Customs officials receive training in the United States on how to
use various U.S. Customs enforcement equipment. Customs officials have
worked with the Customs Service of Kazakhstan and are developing
training and assistance programs geared specifically to Ukraine's Customs
Financial Adviser Program
With funding from 
, this program focuses on topics that are the
province of finance ministries in most countries. The program places
resident advisers in government institutions, supplemented by more
specialized experts who visit on short term missions, to deal with specific
problems related to policy reforms that are key to economic transition.
Financial Management
With funding from 
, the Financial Management Service of Treasury is
developing computer assisted training materials for the State Tax Service
of the Russian Federation to improve the administration of Russian fiscal
policy. This program is being carried out through a cooperative agreement
with the Soros Business and Management Foundation, which is providing
matching grant financing.
G 7 Support
The Support Implementation Group was established as a result of
Implementation Group
Presidents Clinton and Yeltsin Vancouver summit in April 1993 to address
obstacles to the effective provision of assistance on the side of Russian
government or of the G 7 donors. Group members agreed that the Group
should not be a policy body, but rather should discuss operational issues
that affect the delivery of assistance. 
 provided the funds for this
Internal Revenue
The Internal Revenue Service provides instructors on long  and short term
Service Eastern
temporary duty assignments to support the Moscow training center.
Europe/NIS Program
International Narcotics
With funding from the State Department, the U.S. Customs Service
and Law Enforcement
provides a wide array of anticrime officer development courses on law
enforcement team operations, management skills, and
infrastructure building for the law enforcement agencies of the recipient
countries. The purpose is to provide selected law enforcement officers and
others with appropriate skills and knowledge for antismuggling
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