Appendix II 
Agency Specific Information
investment in the 
, with emphasis on small  and medium sized U.S.
firms. The Centers provide American companies with a broad range of
business development and facilitation services.
Assistance to Russia and
With funding from 
, this program helps Russia and Ukraine accede to
Ukraine on General
the World Trade Organization. The General Agreement on Trade and
Agreement on Trade and
Tariffs Uruguay round agreements contain a number of obligations in
Tariffs/World Trade
many trade related fields that Russia and Ukraine must assume in order to
join the World Trade Organization. Commerce has a resident adviser in
Organization Accession
each country to help the governments respond to the international trade
community and develop ways to implement obligatory requirements.
Business Information
With funding primarily from 
, this program provides information,
Service for the NIS
counseling, contacts, and trade leads to U.S. companies interested in doing
business in the 
 through an information hotline, publications, the
Internet, and other services. The program also assists 
 companies find
U.S. partners.
Consortium of American
With funding from 
, this program is designed to help U.S. firms
Businesses in the NIS
establish a commercial presence in markets and enhance privatization in
. Nonprofit grantees form consortia of for profit U.S. firms
interested in trading with the 
 and the program provides funds to these
grantees to help cover the costs of establishing offices in the 
Export Control
With funding from 
, this program (1) assists in developing effective,
Development Cooperation
multipurpose export control systems in the 
 and (2) helps obtain the
countries' adherence to multilateral regimes that seek to control the
transfer of weapons of mass destruction, related technologies, and other
sensitive goods and technologies. The program is divided into four areas
of activity: project development, export control community technical
interaction, training and technical assistance, and equipment and facilities.
Special American Business
With funding from 
, this program supports the 
 transition to a
Internship Training
market economy while fostering long term commercial ties between them
and the United States. Under this program, Commerce provides grants to
American companies to help defray the costs of hosting 
 managers and
scientists for 3 to 6 months of hands on training.
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