Appendix II 
Agency Specific Information
CDC Programs in
These programs provide technical assistance in polio eradication and
Technical Assistance and
diphtheria control and support for professional exchanges and training of
health professionals. The majority of the activities are collaborative and
result from shared professional and scientific interests; they are not part of
any explicit CDC program conducted exclusively in the 
Emergency Public Health
With funding from 
, CDC pursues a number of programs in nine 
Information Surveillance
countries. In the Caucasus, CDC works to refine, strengthen, and
incorporate an emergency public health information surveillance system
into the Armenian and Georgian Ministries of Health. In Central Asia, CDC
assists the republics in using public health data in policy formation and the
production of monthly public health bulletins. CDC also provides technical
assistance in a variety of areas to ensure progress and account for specific
public health emergencies. Training accounts for a significant portion of
all CDC project activities in the 
Food and Drug
This program represents the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Administration Activities
activities under the aegis of the 
 USSR Ministry of Health Bilateral
With the USSR
Health Agreement. The agency provided funding for in country and per
diem expenses for Soviet courtesy visits, orientations, scientific
exchanges, and guest researchers.
FDA Vaccine and Related
With funding from 
, FDA assists 
 authorities address (1) the
quality and quantity of pharmaceutical biological products and medical
products and (2) food safety during the transition from a command to
market economy. Activities include helping to streamline the registration
of FDA regulated products and providing technical assistance, training,
and information.
Miscellaneous Cooperative
This program represents a variety of conferences, studies, workshops, and
Science and Technology
exchanges involving U.S. and 
 researchers in a number of health related
fields, including Primatology, alcohol abuse, and HIV AIDS.
National Cancer Institute
In the 
, the National Cancer Institute is (1) designing studies of
leukemia and thyroid cancer following the Chernobyl accident,
(2) determining whether new procedures can be used to measure the
effects of radiation on humans, (3) supporting outstanding young 
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