Appendix II 
Agency Specific Information
The State Department implemented or supported the following 11
Communications Link
With partial funding from 
, the program established the U.S. terminals
for communications links with Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.
Foreign Diplomat Training
With funding from 
, State trained many of the new and inexperienced
diplomats from former Soviet states who had been brought on board to
staff newly created or significantly revamped foreign ministries.
Humanitarian Assistance
State transports private sector and U.S. government excess materials
(food, medicines, hospitals, and medical and farm equipment and
supplies) to the 
. Distribution is made directly to the needy by
nongovernmental organizations and local administrations. These figures
only include transportation costs incurred during fiscal year 1994 and the
first quarter of fiscal year 1995.
Miscellaneous State
This program represents small funding transfers from 
 to State to
Department Assistance
support the overall U.S. assistance effort.
NIS Rule of Law
With funding from 
, this program promotes changes in the roles and
attitudes of players in the 
 legal system, thereby elevating the functions
and stature of judges and subordinating prosecutors' roles to legal
constraints and judicial power.
NIS Telecom Technical
With funding from 
, the program strives to enhance private sector
Assistance Program
development of telecommunications in the 
 by (1) funding multilateral
and bilateral telecommunication technical assistance programs and
(2) developing policy seminars and workshops on telecommunication
regulatory issues, policy matters, technical coordination, charging/tariff
policies, and competition/privatization of telecommunication.
Program for the Study of
The intent of the program is to redress the diminishing supply of experts
Eastern Europe and the
on this region by providing stable, long term financing on a national level
NIS (Title VIII)
for advanced research, graduate and language training; public
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