Appendix II 
Agency Specific Information
Social Science and Civics
 programs for reforming social sciences curricula provide semester or
Education Programs
academic year fellowships at major U.S. research or teaching institutions
for Russian junior faculty teachers of the social sciences or law.
Teacher Exchange
This program supports one  and two way exchange programs for
educators at the secondary and post secondary levels with a focus on
English, social sciences, and curriculum reform. The program includes a
project for teaching assistants that brings young Russian teachers and
recent graduates of pedagogical institutes in the fields of social sciences
and English to 2  and 4 year colleges and universities in the United States.
Technical Assistance for
 Information Office at the American Embassy in Moscow and the
Public Policy
 Television Service, Foreign Broadcast Support Office provided
opportunities for Russian television documentary and news
producers/journalists to make TV documentaries on topics within the
context of rule of law for broadcast on prime time national television in
Russia and the 
Undergraduate Student
Fellowships for undergraduate study in the United States are granted in
Exchange Program
the fields of agriculture, computer science, business, economics, public
policy/government, and education. Undergraduate candidates are
recruited in the 
 through a cooperative effort administered by the
American Council of Teachers of Russian and the American Collegiate
University Linkages and
The University Affiliations Program's objective is to support institutional
the NIS University
linkages between U.S. and foreign colleges and universities with a
Partnership Program
demonstrated commitment to internationalizing their academic programs
in a variety of fields, including social sciences, humanities, arts, law, and
business. This program targets partnerships that support development of
curricula and teaching methodologies and that seek to modernize
administrative structures at higher education institutions in the 
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