Appendix II 
Agency Specific Information
participation, sister cities' relationships, long term links, and training
programs are featured.
Public Policy Advisers
Public policy advisers work with 
 host governments to help set up
democratic forms of governance. They help resolve issues related to
personnel management; budget; local and regional government; education;
constitutional structure; economic development; public awareness
programs; and relations among the executive branch, national legislatures,
and local government.
Regional Scholar Program
The Regional Scholar Exchange Program provides grants to doctoral and
post doctoral scholars in the 
 for research in the United States and for
Americans to conduct research in the 
 in the humanities and the social
sciences. The objectives are to promote international advanced scholarly
cooperation and allow an exchange of access to research sources.
Russian Junior Faculty
This program is designed to complement the Fulbright Scholarship
Program by offering 1 year fellowships to Russian professors to conduct
research, attend classes, and work with a mentor to develop revised
curricula in the fields of business administration, public administration,
law, economics, library science, library administration, and university
Samantha Smith Academic
The Samantha Smith Memorial Exchange Program provides grants to U.S.
educational, cultural, and other nonprofit institutions to support
undergraduate exchanges between the United States and the 
, the
Baltic countries, and Eastern Europe. The purpose of the program is to
promote mutual understanding through educational and cultural
Samantha Smith Youth
This program provides for exchanges of high school students in the 
and the United States. One objective of the program is to promote
democratic reform by exposing youth directly to American political,
economic, and social systems.
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