Appendix II 
Agency Specific Information
NIS Media Assistance
With funds from the Freedom Support Act, 
 conducts a variety of
media programs in Russia and Kyrgyzstan, including media workshops and
seminars on journalistic techniques, the role of the free press in a
democratic society, the business of media, and information gathering in
specific fields; media equipment donations; establishment of a media
resource clearing house at the Russian American Press Center in Moscow;
and news media internships and in country training sessions for
NIS Program
The figures in table II.6 for this program are administrative and travel
Administrative Costs
costs billed to 
 through an interagency agreement as part of 
implementation of programs funded through transfer from 
NIS Training
 Training Program focuses on local government and public
administration, business, and media. Programs can include  train the
trainers  models; support to indigenous training centers; and seminars,
workshops, and observation study tours in the United States and the 
NIS Youth Secondary
Grants are awarded to U.S. institutions to bring 
 high school students to
the United States and send Americans to the 
 on short term and
long term exchanges. The program supports four areas: (1) the Academic
Year Program, (2) the Semester Inbound/Academic Year Outbound, (3) the
Short Term Thematic Program, and (4) the School Linkage Program.
Parliamentary Exchange
This program introduces parliamentarians from the 
 to the U.S.
legislative system by providing an opportunity to observe the day to day
work of U.S. Members of Congress in Washington and their home districts.
Program Evaluation and
Freedom Support Act funds are provided for salaries of temporary
personnel hired to administer programs, travel to program sites,
development and administration of evaluation instruments for program
participants, and monitoring efforts by program staff.
Public Administration
Under this program, national and local leaders are trained in the principles
Training Program
and practices of democratic governance. The emphasis is on managing
governmental structures at the local, regional, and national levels. Citizen
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