Appendix II 
Agency Specific Information
Export Assistance
 provides technical assistance, training, and a database to support and
upgrade export controls in Russia and the other states of the 
Fissile Material Storage
With funding from 
 provides design assistance and technical
support for the fissile material storage containers for the safe and secure
transportation and storage of nuclear weapons material.
Fissile Material Storage
With funding from 
 provides design assistance for the
Facility Design
construction of a safe, secure, and ecologically sound storage facility for
fissile material derived from the destruction of nuclear weapons.
Fissile Material Storage
With funding from 
 defines specifications for material control and
Facility Equipment
accountability equipment associated with a fissile material storage facility.
Fusion Energy Research
This program funds individual research subcontractors or procurements
and Development Program
initiated by U.S. fusion program contractors and grantees with fusion
research centers in Russia. Each action typically costs $5,000 to $95,000.
Through these actions, the U.S. fusion program has benefited from
Russian technical expertise and specialized equipment.
Human Genome Program
's Office of Health and Environmental Research provides small grants
directly to Russian molecular biologists to promote the sharing of research
in this area.
International Nuclear
With funding from 
 is trying to improve the level of safety in
Safety Program
Soviet designed nuclear power plants by (1) strengthening the operation
and upgrading the physical conditions of plants, (2) promoting a safety
culture, and (3) facilitating development of safety infrastructure in
countries operating Soviet designed reactors.
Joint Coordinating
The primary focus of this program is the exchange of scientists and
Committee on the
cooperative research and development activities, experiments, theory, and
Fundamental Properties of
accelerator techniques in high energy and nuclear physics. Funds were
used to purchase Russian magnets and detector components in support of
U.S. high energy physics experiments, and are being used in support of the
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