Appendix II 
Agency Specific Information
 implemented or supported the following 33 programs:
Armored Blankets
With funding from 
 efforts to provide armored
blankets to Russia to augment the protective capability of containers and
vehicles carrying nuclear weapons to and within destruction facilities.
Atmospheric Radiation
The program involves a few Russian scientists researching the effects of
Measurement Program
clouds and radiation on the global climate and the earth's energy balance.
Clean Coal Technology
With funding from 
 is trying to identify cost effective technical
Projects in Ukraine
approaches for upgrading utility power plants burning low grade
Ukrainian anthracite and provide a conceptual design for their use. The
projects also assists Ukraine in introducing clean coal technology to
upgrade its coal fired power plants.
This program includes work in Russia on the transportion of
contaminants, technical identification and workshops, and an
international environmental assessment.
Emergency Response
With funding from 
 provides emergency response equipment for
the safe, secure transportation of nuclear weapons, protective clothing,
radiation survey instruments, portable radiography equipment, liquid
abrasive cutter, dosimeters, and other radiation protection equipment.
Energy Efficiency and
As part of the Gore Chernomyrdin process,
 and the Russian Ministry
Market Reform
of Fuels have (1) cosponsored the International Energy and Law
Conferences and
Conference, (2) cooperated through 
 technical assistance, and
(3) worked together in various energy efficiency projects.
Energy Efficiency Projects
 provides technical assistance and supports research promoting energy
in Russia
efficiency in Russia. Activities include supporting the Russian American
Memorandum of Cooperation for Energy Efficiency, which was signed in
October 1993.
The Gore Chernomyrdin Commission is a bilateral effort between Russia and the U.S. to advance
common interests in a variety of areas, including energy, space, science and technology, environment,
business development, health, and defense diversification. The Office of the Vice President oversees
U.S. activities carried out by executive agencies for the Commission.
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