Appendix II 
Agency Specific Information
Science Internet
This program provides communication of scientific and programmatic
data between 
 and key Russian institutes engaged in space science
cooperation with 
Shuttle Support for MIR 1
Under this program, 
 built a docking mechanism to allow docking
Docking Module
between the 
 space station and the Russian MIR space station to
enable on orbit joint U.S. Russian life science investigations, resupply MIR
logistics, and exchange crews.
Soyuz Assured Crew
This program studied the extent Russian space systems and operating
Rescue Vehicle
capabilities could be integrated with 
's space systems and equipment.
Space Station Engineering
The program supported a feasibility study to define Russian participation
Operability Studies
in the space station.
Space Station Redesign
This program allowed 
 to obtain Russian expertise and input for the
space station transition team's assessment of the viability of using Russian
hardware for the space station redesign.
Support for STS 71 Shuttle
This program supports the U.S. Director of Operations at the Gagarin
Mission at Gagarin
Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City, Russia, by paying for living
Cosmonaut Training
quarters, transportation, training, and office expenses. The objective of the
program is to ensure smooth operations and training for the U.S.
astronauts being trained to fly aboard the Russian MIR as part of the
cooperative Shuttle MIR Program.
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