Appendix II 
Agency Specific Information
Life and Biomedical
The program created a database of manned space life support systems
developed in the 
Life Sciences Biosatellite
The program provides 
 life science experiments on two Russian built
BION satellite missions in 1996 and 1998.
Mars 1994
This program is to fly a U.S. Mars oxidant experiment, a soil
reactivity/composition experiment consisting of two instruments, on the
Russian Mars lander to enhance the use of the lander and provide critical
science data not otherwise available.
Microgravity Science and
This program reflects miscellaneous projects in support of the 
Applications Conference
microgravity sciences and applications program, including the
procurement of data on Russian microgravity science results and flight
apparatus performance, Russian travel costs to support microgravity
projects, and a grant to support a Russian conference.
Miscellaneous Space
The program supports miscellaneous projects to enhance 
's space
Access and Technology
access and technology research.
Miscellaneous Space
This program supports miscellaneous space science research projects,
Science Research
such as Russian support in developing a near global long duration balloon
capability for mid latitude applications, and pays for travel costs of
Russian specialists supporting space science projects.
Mission to Planet Earth
The program is to procure interface definition documents for the Russian
Meteor 3/3m, GOMS and RESURS spacecraft and preliminary interface
control documents for the SAGE III instrument and the TOMS instrument.
The objective is to assess the technical feasibility of flying 
's Mission
to Planet Earth instruments on planned Russian missions.
Orbital Debris Program
This program defined the orbital debris environment, including measuring,
modeling, and mitigation.
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