Appendix II 
Agency Specific Information
specialized equipment for the international space station. The contractor
will transport the FGB between the Khrunichev site and launch complex,
support prelaunch preparations, operate and verify FGB performance in
orbit over 15 days from launch, and provide FBG standards and FGB
ground personnel training.
Galileo S Band Study
This program studied the capabilities of Russian deep space
communications network to support the Galileo S Band mission.
High Speed Research
This program is to modify the Tupolev Tu 144 supersonic transport aircraft
and conduct up to 39 test flights to support development of new
technologies for next generation supersonic transport aircraft.
Hypersonics Research and
This program is to build and test a scramjet engine at Mach 6.5. The
objective of the program is to help 
 assess hypersonic aircraft engine
International Space
The program is to conduct a flight demonstration of the Paton universal
Welding Experiment
hand tool on the 
 space shuttle to test the capabilities of the tool to
perform contingency repairs of space station materials and structures.
 Russian Human
This program provides hardware and services designed to enhance MIR
Space Flight Activities
operations capabilities; perform joint space flights; and conduct joint
activities to design, operate, and use the space station. The objectives of
the program are to (1) develop, maintain, and enhance capabilities and
operations to allow humans to live and work continuously in space,
(2) enable the reduction of costs of future U.S. space initiatives,
(3) enhance U.S. understanding of long duration operations, (4) enable the
United States and Russia to develop common systems and operating
procedures, and (5) advance the U.S. national space programs and
aerospace industries.
Laser Sensing Technology
The program developed all solid state laser systems for atmospheric
remote sensing to study climate change.
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