Appendix II 
Agency Specific Information
This program provides military education and training to military and
related civilian personnel of foreign countries. The purpose of this training
is to encourage effective and mutually beneficial relations and increased
understanding between the United States and foreign countries. The IMET
program includes courses in civil military relations, military justice and
human rights, and defense resources, which are referred to as Expanded
IMET courses.
 provides funding for (1) defense industry conversion and construction
of housing needed for demobilization of strategic rocket forces officers in
Belarus; (2) joint ventures between Western industries and Ukrainian
defense firms converting to production of civilian goods, and efforts to
convert several Ukrainian defense companies to the production of
prefabricated housing for former military officers; (3) the conversion of
Kazakhstani defense industries to civilian production; and (4) joint
ventures between U.S. firms and Russian firms formerly involved in the
production of weapons of mass destruction.
Joint Contact Teams
The European Command sends teams to 
 countries to show 
military officials how the U.S. military performs specific tasks. The
funding amounts shown in table II.4 do not include amounts obtained from
 funding for Joint Contact programs.
Material Control and
 provides material, training, goods, and services to Ukraine,
Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Russia for the development of systems for
controlling, accounting for, and physical protection of nuclear materials to
prevent nuclear weapons proliferation. 
 assist in this program
with funding from 
Other Assessments
This program covers the developmental, administrative, and support costs
of the overall 
 effort and of each project in the initial stages until
specific requirements are identified and proposed obligations are reported
to Congress for the projects.
Science and Technology
Funding is provided to support the Science and Technology Center in
Ukraine (STCU) and the International Science and Technology Center in
Russia (ISTC). The STCU develops, approves, finances, and monitors
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