Appendix II 
Agency Specific Information
Chemical Weapons
This program provides chemical weapons destruction assistance,
including training and related services. Specific program activities include
evaluating the feasibility of a two step neutralization process to destroy
chemical weapons and developing an analytical chemical weapons
destruction laboratory.
Communication Link
 helps to establish (1) a continuous communications link between
Belarus and the United States and (2) a government to government
communications link between the United States and Ukraine and
 provides equipment and training to all three countries to
help establish the ability to transmit notifications required by START
[Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty] and INF obligations. The State
Department assisted in this program with funding from 
Defense Demilitarization
The fund is earmarked for ventures involving Western partners and former
Enterprise Fund
producers of weapons of mass destruction in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus,
and Ukraine. The ventures would pursue commercial, privately owned
endeavors. Annual U.S. grants to the fund would be needed until the loans
and equity shares provided substantive returns on the investment.
Defense and Military
Defense and military contacts are intended to encourage and assist the 
military in restructuring and downsizing its defense establishment,
encourage the 
's support of demilitarization activities and democratic
reforms, help the military to better understand civil military relations, and
increase U.S. military understanding of the 
. The primary goal of this
program is to establish a network of professional exchanges that gives 
defense and military establishments a stake in continued good relations.
Emergency Response
 provides emergency response equipment to Belarus, Kazakhstan,
Ukraine, and Russia to facilitate the safe and secure transportation and
storage of nuclear weapons in connection with their destruction. 
assisted in this program with funding from 
This program provides equipment, training, and services to facilitate
Restoration/Project Peace
Belarus' environmental restoration of former strategic rocket forces
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