Appendix II 
Agency Specific Information
Peace Corps Associate
An interagency agreement between the Peace Corps and 
 provides for
Director Armenia
 personnel to serve as associate Peace Corps Directors for
projects overseas. In this case, using funds from Peace Corps, 
provided an associate Peace Corps Director for agribusiness projects in
Armenia. The incumbent establishes assignments for volunteers and
works with them in the field.
Public Law 480 Title I
The payment of ocean freight differential (the difference between the cost
Ocean Freight Differential
of shipping on U.S. flagged and foreign flagged vessels) on title I programs
is designed to support the shipment of 75 percent of U.S. food aid on U.S.
vessels, assuming the vessels are available at the time of shipment. The
objective is to support the U.S. maritime industry in maintaining a shipping
Scientific Cooperation
This program helps scientists from 
, the university community, and
the private nonprofit research organizations seek new knowledge and
technology beneficial to the U.S. and cooperating counties by providing
access to international research in agriculture and forestry.
Technical Support to the
The program provides technical services to support the development and
USAID Europe NIS Bureau
implementation of 
 human resource development programs in the
. With funding from 
 provides three consultants to 
identify (1) training needs, (2) needs for educational and professional
association partnership and linkages, and (3) 
 participants for training
Vulnerable Groups
With funding from 
, this program procured food commodities for use
Assistance Program
 food assistance activities in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and
Tajikistan. The program also provided for cargo survey contracts for
discharge; procurement, inspection, and delivery of commodities to U.S.
ports; and contracting cargo discharge surveys for delivery of commodities
at consignee warehouses.
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