Appendix II 
Agency Specific Information
Cochran Fellowship
Since 1992, senior and mid level 
 specialists and administrators have
been trained in agricultural trade, agribusiness development, management,
policy, and marketing from the public and private sectors. The program
works closely with 
 agencies, U.S. agricultural trade and market
development associations, U.S. colleges and universities, and agribusiness
to implement training programs.
Donated Food Commodity
Under the section 416(b) program, surplus agricultural commodities
owned by the Commodity Credit Corporation are donated to friendly
countries overseas. Under the Food for Progress program, commodities
are provided on a grant basis to emerging democracies committed to
expanding free enterprise elements in their agricultural economies.
Donated Food
The costs provided here were incurred in transporting donated food
Transportation Costs
commodities under the section 416(b) and Food for Progress programs.
Emerging Democracies
Through this program 
 shares U.S. agricultural and agribusiness
expertise with emerging democratic countries and in turn develops,
maintains, and expands markets for U.S. agricultural exports. 
carries out follow up activities to enhance the effectiveness of the
countries' food and agricultural systems. The program is funded up to
$10 million per year and combines the dual objectives of market
promotion and development assistance.
Energy Market Reform
With funding from 
, this program provides for a full time specialist
working in 
 to provide technical assistance in power and heating
restructuring, utility commercialization and management improvement,
and privatization.
International Forestry
 Forest Service units and the Federal Forest Service in Russia have
three ongoing partnerships. Efforts focus on (1) developing a long term
partnership in environmental education, ecotourism, reforestation, and
new technology development in Magadan; (2) fostering the protection and
management of Russia's Far East forests; and (3) cooperating in research
and land management planning in two demonstration projects in central
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